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It is not easy. And most of the times, the extramarital will be known by everybody. Because living a double life is very difficult and stressful. You are better off braking off with your partner if you don’t love her/him anymore. And be with the person with whom you have an extramarital affair.

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  1. M. K. Albus
    February 14, 2018 at 6:50 pm

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    ANSWER 2:

    Wow, it will be a bit hard work and dangerous for you to do it. Just make sure that your wife will not find out if not, your body will be out in the street, agreed?

    If you want to mess up your life just to get a rush or feel excited, how about divorce your wife first so you wouldn’t have issue to deal if she finds out. Take my words for it, I know because I’m one of them..

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