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I >think< the Jimny is the same as the Suzuki model sold in the United States as a "Samurai". If so... There are 4 bolts, one in each corner of the plastic bezel over the instruments. IIRC they are hexheads. Loosen/remove all 4, and the instrument panel can be pulled toward the steering wheel and then lifted up and out. I remember reading somewhere that the ‘right’ way to do this requires removing the steering wheel first, as there isn’t clearance to get it out. I have owned 4 Samurais and swapped instrument panels many times WITHOUT removing the steering wheel. I found there was just enough ‘flex’ in the wheel to pull back on the top of the wheel and I could get the old panel out and the new one in. As you remove the panel you will have to disconnect a couple of wiring connectors and the speedometer cable…no big deal. Finally…why was I swapping panels? Because one version of the Samurai came with a big fuel gauge in the right hand circle…another upgraded one came with a tachometer in that space (and a smaller fuel gauge elsewhere.) All the wiring harness was setup for either cluster, so replacing the non-tachometer version with a tachometer version was a simple ‘plug n play’. Hope that helps!

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