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Collection agencies have sliding scales for costs typically. Say 100 accounts come into the agency on the first of the month. On these, 100 letters will be sent out notifying the debtors that the accounts are in collections. Of these, roughly 30% will pay immediately. These accounts usually generate 20% commission, that 20% of the amount paid goes to the collection agency. There are 70 accounts remaining. These will require a phone call. So, 70 calls are made, and of these another 30% will pay. That’s 21 accounts, and these usually commission for about 33.3% or one third of the amount collected. There are 49 accounts left, and for one reason or another letters did not work or were returned for bad addresses, telephone contact could not be made, or the debtor just refused to cooperate, and the accounts were turned over for skip tracing. Once a skip tracer touches an account, the commission jumps to 50% or more, and this is where the collections agencies really start to mount costs. Skip Tracer activity results in a variety of actions. From simple location, to location of assets and property for the intent of legal action. Most skip tracers are competent enough to find people. The really good ones find everything.

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