How many thoughts can you do at once ?


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It can be general thoughts, to memory, to ideas of wonders.

But I am asking how many can you do at once comfortably, not with Red Bull and cough medicine. I always wonder this since I have 8 thoughts at once now and it still growing. Everything I create a new thought, I go through this mental reclamation that I showered in pain with.


Probably only one. There are times when it feels like two are more are going on at the same time, but I think it comes down to another thought quickly creeping in and taking over the lead role. For example, when driving on a familiar road, thoughts stray, and then I suddenly look up and have to refocus on where I am. It isn’t a matter of turning off the thought process of driving safely to the destination; one thought just takes a front seat for a moment. (Is this what you mean?)

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