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How one can attain good memory level ?
Is age an important factor to have good memory ?
Do we lose our memory power as we grow old?
Can we prevent the loss of memory with age?
Can medicines help?
Can yoga help?
Can certain food items help?
Learn some quick tips for sharper memory.

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Memory is sort of a mysterious thing. We can exercise our memory and possibly have a good memory longer by doing puzzles and different things like that. At least that’s what the ‘experts’ are saying these days. Age is a factor in memory. As we get older we forget our minds just like our bodies get old and can’t remember things as easily. However some older people have wonderful memories. There are lots of ideas for how to keep a good memory. There are pills that can be taken and reading, doing puzzles, suduko, and so on. Some medicines can help but they will not really help in memory they are going to help in people with say alzheimers and things like that. To help prevent further deteriation of the mind. And even some of those can be considered spectical among individuals who take them. I have not heard that yoga helps. I don’t think it has been proven that less stress can help the mind to last longer, but I’m sure there’s been some study done on it somewhere. Vitamins can sometimes help such as Vitamin B,C, and E… I’ve heard things about Omega 3 in relation to memory as well, but like I said above it’s not going to give a person back their memory it is just going to attempt at prolonging it. A lot of scientific research is being poured into this area so maybe in the next few years or so they’ll come up with something big… We’re all really just waiting.

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