How or why did government workers start being regarded as “the enemy ?” ?


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All over the news we read about local government, municipalities, state governments talking about how they pay so much for pensions, they have to lay off workers to balance the budgets, etc. Meanwhile GE pays 0% taxes, and other large corporations pay little or no taxes due to loopholes and lawyers all working so they pay the minimum. Yet government workers are perceived as the enemy: lazy, greedy, spoiled. When the economy was good, in the 1980’s, nobody wanted a government job, everyone wanted a job in the corporate world making large bonuses and raises.

How did the switch to being regarded as “the enemy” come about?


It’s just a way of saying that many middle class taxpayers feel like they can’t afford any more government.

I don’t think it’s personal, any more than I think politicians in Washington actually think that the rich are heartless and greedy when they start talking cynically about making them “pay their fair share”.
Anyway, as you know, corporations do not pay taxes anyway. They simply pass them through as increased prices to the consumer. There really is not a “thing” that pays taxes called a corporation. It is only a collection of people (workers, execs, stockholders). When they have to pay more, they simply raise the price in order to make up for the shortfall.

It is all just grist for the political mill.

You’ll know how the debate went after an election.

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