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(Climax of a story I am writing)

A small group of twenty unarmed individuals (many of whom are elderly) are having a meeting at a local privately-owned one-room building. Suddenly, three men in ski masks and guns burst in. They apparently do not like the group’s views on certain issues and threaten to fire. They do not actually fire (yet). The unarmed individuals do not fight back. They do not flee. They just stand their ground.

In this situation:
1. Assuming that the attackers’ motivation is hatred against the group (i.e. it’s a hate crime), what would the attackers likely do next?

2. If you were in that small group, what should you do? Note that the three men have guns. They are also buff and will likely beat anyone who challenges them hand-to-hand.

3. What are some possible ways for the small group to escape unscathed (i.e. none of the members die) while the attackers (some or all of them) die?

4. What are some possible ways for the small group to escape unscathed (i.e. none of the members die) while all the attackers live?

5. If it is highly unlikely, in your opinion, for the small group to escape unscathed, please make realistic suggestions on how I could revise the story’s facts to increase the group’s chances for survival.



Ok, first thing that pops into my head: Why are they meeting in a one-room building but unarmed? Usually, the types of meetings that go on in one-room buildings are a bit less than totally kosher, so it seems unlikely that they’d really be unarmed and weaponless. Second thing: When you say standing their ground, what does that entail? Talking them down? Trying to reason with them? Appeal to their good nature? Tell them that they can’t take down the entire group, and whoever survives will tell on them to their mommies?

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