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How do you approach a loved on who is a smoker. I’m concerned not only for there health but also for my own.

When asked why they smoke they just shrug, they’re aware of the health issues, but feel if they quit because of my concerns they would be letting someone else tell them how to live their life.

Is there anyway anything else I can do or is it just up to them now?


The way this world works is that no one will and can change for anyone but themselves.. it sounds awful and selfish but it’s just how this world is..

You can only tell that person so much to make them change but if they really don’t want to it’s just not going to happen..

Now what really matters here is that YOU have a choice.. yes, and that is you don’t have to be around them when they’re smoking.. you shouldn’t have to suffer for their addictions!

I suggest you gently say, “well if you’re going to continue to blacken your lungs then i’m not going to be a part of it. and I’m just not going to be around when you smoke” and whether they change.. it doesn’t matter, because you have removed yourself from that part of their life.. it’s up to them to do the rest.

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