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We are providing Internet Services to customers by using CAT5e cable with 10-Base-T Hubs and switches. We are placing a 8-port hub with one Uplink port after every 230-240 meter, using this uplink port as a repeater we extend the wire to next 230-240 meters and place a Hub again. In case we have to provide a connection in between we uses any port out of 7 remaining of the nearby hub. In case there are more connections from one hub, we uses a switch from which we provides all the connections so that there will be no sharing. If we need to extend our network to a long distance for example like 2KM then you can imagine the no. of hubs to be used. We power all the hubs by an additional electric wire which runs along the CAT5e cable along with a earth wire for support. Recently, we have used Da-San SDSL (Lan Extender-what we call it), its model – CPSD02, Product-SDSL-CPE PRO. We have used this pair of Da-San with a pair of simple copper wire and we have achieved a distance of 2 KM with good speed, more than 512Kbps. I have a lot about REPEATERS but could not find any. Some says Hubs are called as Repeaters. Please help us, We want to expand our network to a long distances (by using copper wire/telephone cable) We can use any cable like CAT5e but with a device which can boost the signal so that we can get a longer distance. Please help


Dear friend,
After reading your message only I tried with that product.
When I tested with back-to-back connection I got wire link;
But when I put that into 500 mtrs telephone cable I didn’t get wire link.
What could be the problem.
I tried with 256kbps speed also.
To test that copper cable , I given normal telephone line dial tone I received the same at other end; so I feel no prob in copper cable.
Pl enlighten me to resolve this problem.
By the by…

Hv you got any reply for your query; if so, pl forward to me.

I am also working the same environment.

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