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My daughter has a boyfriend who use to work for my husband. My husband fired him because he got drunk and damaged a lot of things at the golf course. This is not the first time he has done this so my husband told my daughter, you can hang out, date, etc. Anyone you choose, but I do not allow people that do disrespectful things like that over at my house. This happened 3 months ago. He just moved in with my daughter and she asked her father if he could come over Xmas eve with her for our Xmas celebration. My husband said no, she got mad and did not come over, call to say she was not coming over and then got mad because we did not go over there or call to celebrate with our grandchildren. It hurts me so much because we feel she is punishing us and using her children to do it and it hurts us to think our grandchildren think we wanted nothing to do with them and that is not true. We love our grandchildren and spend lots of time with them! How do we handle this and what do we do to let our grandchildren know this was not our choice.


You don’t let the grandchildren know anything about the squable that is going on. Your husband made the right decision. And in drawing a line it shows what is acceptable in your home. Its your daughter that needs to wake up. This guy sounds like an idiot. You just have to take things one day at a time. Also what State are you in as some states allow for grandparents rights if it should go that far.

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