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So here is the situation. My sister stays with me and so does my boyfriend. I told my sister that she can stay with me if her baby’s dad don’t come back from California. He has decided he don’t want to come back. (its a long story and I don’t want to go into detail)

Well anyway she has a 15 month old baby and she can’t really afford to live on her own. Me , my sister and my boyfriend all work at the same job. I make a little more because I been there longer. Well anyway. Me and my boyfriend plan on getting our own apartment when we get our taxes because we just want to live on by ourselves.

There are plently reasons we want to live by ourselves together. One my sister has a kid and we want to be able to do things in our own house like smoke cigarettes and have parties. But since my sister has a kid we are unable to do any of that. Two we fight all the time about the littlest things and honestly I can’t take the arguing and fighting anymore. Three she isn’t exactly the cleanest person in the house. Everyone makes there messes yes but I believe that its common sense the clean up after yourself and your kid. Example one day she made some spaggetti I didn’t eat any and neither did jamie. It was 2 days later I came into the kitchen and the spagetti was still sitting on the counter.

I can’t get nice furniture because it will just get ruined. Just like my white couch has stains all over it right now. Me and Jamie don’t have kids and we don’t want them anytime soon. And I feel like I always have to watch what my nephew is doing because she tends to let him run around the house without watching him while she watches TV.

I mean I wouldn’t mind Having my sister stay with us if she would just clen up after her self and watch her son better. And if we could just stop the arguing and fighting. She is always complaining about my boyfriend and it pisses me off. I woke up this morning to her complaining to my little sister about him. And in result it caused me and my sister to get into a argument.

So we were done arguing and then her son went into the kitchen and my sister was cooking and some grease fell on the stove and started to burn and then aiden fell on his face in the kitchen because he slipped on some water. She grabbed him up and then hurried up and moved the pot of boiling water to another burner on the stove then she turned it on and went into the living room and sat down for about 5 minutes. Now as I was watching this I asked her why don’t she get up and clean up the puddle and the grease so it don’t happen again. She got all mad with me and said I just picked him up and just set him in his chair and then she said that she don’t want to because she is mad at me and she didn’t want to go into the kitchen when I was in there. And I was like OK but you can come in here and clean it up so it don’t happen again its common sense.

So then we got into another big argument and I told her that I am tired of this crap and when me and Jamie get our taxes we are getting our own place. She said to me I thought you were going to let me stay here if my baby’s dad didn’t come back. And I was like yeah I was but you fight with people all the time and the house is always a mess and I am tired of it. Then she says yea well if you kick me out your never seeing your nephew again. And that pissed me off so we started to argue even more.

During this she stormed off into her room. And as I was sitting in the living room watching her son because she was in the room crying. I went in there to apologize and told her that we need to talk about it and she told me to go away and called me a name. I then told her look hannah me and jamie aren’t getting our own place for a long time and I can’t live with you its stressing me out and me and jamie want our own place and either way its going to happen whether you want it to or not and your going to have to grow up and take care of yourself. And she still didn’t want to talk about it she told me to go away.

So I was wondering if anyone sees me in the wrong. Am I a totall B**ch? Or do I have every right to want to be stress free and live on my own and not be threatened to never see my nephew again?


Your sister needs to grow up and start acting like an adult instead of a spoiled rotten kid. She is a mother and about to have another child. You didn’t mention her age, but I am sure she’s probably under age 23 at most. She has/had no business having children if she cannot/will not take proper care of them. She needs to grow up and get with the program. No, I don’t feel you are being a rotten sister either. I think you and your boyfriend are just tired of her drama queen attitude and having to be her maid to boot. Where are your parents if you still have a little sister at home and what do they have to say about sis?

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