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Hi a couple of days ago I got my w2 forms in the mail so I went online to start doing my tax return to send out to get some money will one of the questions that came up was how do I want to file I put down head of house hold but in my w2 forms it says married the reason I put that down head of house old was my husband is from Brazil and he has no social security I printed everything out but I still have not sent it out because I’m not sure if I did it right


If you are legallay married then you may not file as HoH. The exception is if you can claim that you are “considered unmarried” – for example if you are llegally separated and your husband has not lived with you for at least the last 6 months.

You should file as either Married filing separately or Married filing jointly. Either way you need to apply for an “individual tax-payer identification number” (ITIN) for your husband – it’s similar to a social security number but is for people who need an identifying number for tax purposes but don’t qualify for a true SS number. You can attach the application for the ITIN (Form W-7) directly to your return. See the following for more info:
General ITIN Information

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