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Well about 26 yrs ago my sister passed away before she was born. And since age 14 till now I’m 20 now I have had dreams about her, I DO NOT SLEEP WALK AT ALL, and when I dream about her I walk towards my dorm room window. And just today I went to the school hospital and I had a pass back to class, and I stepped outside the hospital to light a cigarette I noticed that my pass was gone, and my pass was in my lighter pocket and I noticed that my pass was gone and it’s a big piece of paper you can’t miss it. But I checked on the floor and nowhere it was nit windy at all! and later on that day I was walking out of class and to go light a cigarette and the pass just showed up out of nowhere just back in my pocket, I am not scared but I just want to no I am curious.


Hi, ref1jrh_4_ever!

Dreaming about your sister might just be something that normal and not connected to the paranormal in any way. I dream about deceased relatives frequently. I also had a sister who died.

Concerning your pass turning up missing and then you finding it again. How big is your lighter pocket, please?


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