I received a copy of a background report and it states I’ve lived somewhere I’ve never even visited ?


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I recieved a copy of a background check from my most recent employer and I’ve lived in Florida pretty much my whole life, on the report it shows where you lived around the past 5 to 7 years, all say florida but around September 2007 to December 2007 it’s showing that I lived in Bloomfield, MA, this is really scary because I’ve never lived nor been there. What can I do and what could this mean.


(Disclaimer: I am not an expert.) However, my personal advice would be not too worry too much. If you haven’t ever done so, get a credit report. If you have the same bank account, and can access statements from that far back (usually you can online) maybe check to see if there was any suspicious activity that you might not have noticed then for whatever reason.

That said, I would only really do this if you absolutely must have peice of mind. However, what I think is much more likely is some sort of mistake involving an error on either the the “background checking” process, or some sort of mistake on some document in MA that showed up as belonging to you (a one-digit-off social security number on something, or someone with the same name, something like this.)

I am really interested in hearing more information from somebody who has intimate experience in this field though. And maybe I throw caution to the wind too often, because personally I would probably just write something like this off as a mistake and not a warning sign.

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