I want to sell my used Cannondale road bike(in San Diego), but have no idea what it is worth. I need help getting a quote.


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I got my road bike about 3 years ago as a gift. The brand is Cannondale. It was stripped of it’s paint, so I don’t know what style or year or anything. It was bought used(but excellent condition), with a small dent in the frame from a guy in St. Louis, MO, who rebuilds bikes and sells them online…

I have ridden it in STL over the course of a half year about maybe 80 miles, it was kept inside my room when not being ridden. Than moved to North California and it sat inside for about 2 years hardly touched.

Now in San Diego and would like to try to sell it to make some extra cash. I guess I would like to sell it craigslist, so I looked on craigslist but got confused, because i know little about bikes…

I was hopeing to find a close bike shop or cannondale “expert” to help me… Can anyone point me in the right direction


Check the serial number. Cannondale serial #: Serial number code: first two digits are the size, next 6 are date of manufacture, remainder are unit number. For instance: SN#54021787121 indicates a 54 cm frame, built on February 17, 1987, #121

This will be a start as to finding out it’s value.

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