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I worked full time for 5 months as a employee getting weekly paychecks and now get 1099 non employee tax papers
But my boss said he was paying my taxes but still sent me a 1099.
Need help what can I do


As you received your pay checks and statements each pay day you didn’t notice that no taxes were being withheld from your pay?

You probably now have a pretty big tax bill to pay – income tax (federal and state if applicable where you live), social security, and medicaire. Going forward in 2012 if you are still a 1099 employee you should plan on filing etsimated tax returns each quarter – otherwise you will get stuick with paying interest for under payment of withholding.

As for whether you being a 1099 versus W-2 employee is appropriate – I suggest you first talk to your employer to find out what criteria he used. In general a 1099 employee is considered to be someone who is a contractor – self-directed, professional, not held to strict hours, and not a long-term employee but rather hired for a specific project. If you feel you are mis-classified there are procedures for appealing.

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