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HI there, so this is sort of a two-part question.

I have a friend that is hospitalized 300 miles from here, work is preventing me from visiting her. She just awake from a doctor induced coma because of a hole in her heart. I want to do something special for her. I’ve sent a “thinking of you” card and flowers, I want something a little more personal. Any ideas?

Now, I have a friend that was hospitalized today (BAD motorcycle accident), now what can you do for a guy that will actually mean something? I’m sure cards and flowers are just blocking his view from a 9th story corner room. LOL. Anything cool that I can do for him?


For the female friend, I thought maybe sending her phone cards so she can call you and her other friends and relatives when she’s feeling low (to avoid those costly hospital phone rates! ). You could also plan out a road trip for when she’s well enough. Is there anywhere you two have been wishing to go (within budget, of course! )? If so, you could draw up a cartoonish map showing all kinds of wacky pull-offs like roadside attractions along the way. Or, I’m sure there’s been several movies that have come out on DVD since she’s been sick, you could always plan a girls night in with popcorn and candy.

For the motorcycle guy, hmmmmm… You could always stop by a bike shop and buy some riding gear (not too expensive, unless you can afford it). No doubt, in the accident he damaged or lost his helmet, protective glasses, and other gear. If you went with a helmet, helmets can be airbrushed to say whatever you want… so do you guys have a “catch phrase” or an inside joke you might want to put on there?

Just some suggestions off the top of my head, if you don’t like them or if they won’t work for whatever reason, let me know and I can see if I can come up with something else.

My prayers go to your friends, and to you as well as you seem o be a great friend!

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