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I’ve tried for years to make my mother like me, she nevr has, all I ask is why she doesn’t? I have one other brother and he is a screw up in every sense of the word but she has favored him since I was little , he is 13 years older than me. When I was little my mom would look at me and I could see the hate she had for me in her eyes. My mom is the perfect stepford wife but I’ve always been the outcast of my family. šŸ™ . I love my mother very much but I just can’t seem to see why she hates me so much I’m the honor student, the volunteer, I do all my chores, my room is always emaculent and I’ve never done a bad thing in my life. My mom treats me as if I was a leech that never deserves her time or love. I was actually presented an award last year in front of the whole school for best class president and I told my parents but they strugged it off they promised theyd be there but then my dad had to travel for work and then my mom didn’t even show up, I was 17 and crushed. I just want to know if anyone else has a problem like this and even not please help me!


Parents are who they are, for 50 years I have never had the right job, never married the right girl, never treated her grandkids right.

If I fix her lights or mow her grass it is never right or someone else could have done it better,

Some people are just like that, If I had an answer how to fix it, I would tell you and would have done it years ago.

Besides merely loving them for who they are, thatis about all I can say

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