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Hi every one,

I have a LAN on IP with subnet and one more network with ip with subnet I need to enable the clients on network to access the network. The operating system I am using is Windows 2003 on a system which has two NIC cards. One card has and other card has Please help me to make my clients on to access the browser of network

Murthy kvd


This looks kind of like a homework question, but here we go anyways:

The networks, since you’re using a /16 ( and /24 ( subnet, are actually and
Since you’re using windows server 2003, this isn’t going to be TOO bad to set up. You enable RRAS, by adding it from Windows Compnents in Add/Remove programs, and then you can either set the windows server as the default gateway on both networks, or add a static route on each of the clients to tell them that the other network can be accessed through the gateway of the server. When the clients route the packet to the server to get to the other network, RRAS on the server will examine it’s own routing table, and since it’s a part of both networks, it should be able to put the packet onto the correct subnet.

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