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In my organisation there is 8 systems with printer and file sharings in workgroup. All users getting internet through static ips. One user asked me to use internet for himself only not for another user in same system. Is there any solution, help me.
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If you are saying you have two users (different logon accounts) using the same computer at different times and one should have access and one not, then:

Cheap Simple Hack Method:
Logon the restricted account and set a dummy value such as in the Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings Button > Proxy Server options. Drawbacks are a) only works for web traffic, b) user can change setting, c) browser dependent.

Less Cheap and Simple Method:
Use group policy.

Possibly Real Money and Not Trivial Method:
An account supporting software proxy server like Microsoft ISA or perhaps squid?

Real Money and Complicated Method:
Install a hardware filtering gateway device such as Barracuda Networks or Netsweeper.

If you are saying one computer should have access and another not:

Cheap Simple Hack Method:
Remove default gateway address in network adapter internet protocol properties for the restricted computer.

Less Cheap and Simple Method:
Configure gateway router to block specific outbound traffic from restricted computer.

“Internet” access encompasses a lot of things, hack methods may have undesired effects or impair other functionality.

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