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Hi there,

Just wondering if someone can please help me! I am going crazy trying to figure this out.

My Wireless connects perfectly (all green bars are going and my roomates is working) but it says I have “Limited or No Connectivity”. When I try to Repair it says that it “Cannot Renew my IP Address”.

I go into my Internet Options, LAN, to Manually set an IP address and it says I have one, which I change to one that a laptop is connecting off, still nothing.

My Wireless Properties lists my IP Address as

I can see that my Wireless network is working right but cannot open Internet Explorer or anything. When I do the “Diagnostic Test” off IE it still doesn’t work.

Also, my Explorer.exe is frequently closing.

My computer is very slow to get started.

I tried system restore to before this all happened – makes no difference.

I bought a new Norton Antivirus which I ran to see if I had a virus – says I have nothing.

Yesterday I had my first “DrWatson Postmortem Debugger” has crashed… never even seen or heard of this before?

Can anyone offer advice on what to do. I’m one step away from calling Nerds on Site but hear they’re quite $$$.

I don’t even know if I have a virus or if I can solve this in another way.

Any help is much appreciated!



Disable all of the network adapters that you are not using. Do not allow multiple connections to your network at the same time.

Wait about 30 seconds and go to a command prompt. Type IPCONFIG /RENEW and hit enter. Then type IPCONFIG /ALL and hit enter. Note the IP Address. It should be something like and your DHCP Server should be Enabled.

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