Is a visual land v-touch MP3 player a good MP3 Out of 1 through 10 ? – Technology


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By my experience NO! The minidisk used to load the V-touch didn’t work and when using windows media 11 to put music on it it loaded the music into a file instead of into the music folder. I can’t find drivers online for it and it is very difficult to figure out how to save things as simple as radio staions when it doesn’t get any kind of reception. Not worth the price even if it was free! It looks cool and has a great screen but the stylus they provide doesn’t attach anywhere to the V-touch so you don’t have it handy to use anywhere on the screen that has very small icons to show you volume control etc. Long story short they have a great idea with poor software and almost there hardware. It is a don’t buy for me cause I wish I never had!

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