Is it still possible to purchase classic feather pillows ?


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My husband and I each have frighteningly old feather pillows that we sleep with every night. Over the years we have searched and searched for replacements, but it seems that new feather pillows don’t have the same feel as the old ones. I’ve given up a few over my lifetime, but I have yet to find a suitable replacement.
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Can you still buy pillows like this, or are we stuck clinging to the last 2 awesome pillows on Earth?


@ANef_is_Enuf : Are you looking for pillows with down or feathers or a mixture? Believe it or not, but many years ago I worked for a Japanese company that manufactured bedding. Of course, we made pillows. Those pillows aren’t available to the US market, but I googled “feather pillows” and got a bazillion matches.

Can you be more specific in what you’re looking for?

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