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I have problemes in saying english words, I don’t know if it’s my voice or other reason, I repeat the same phrases the native speakers say but I couldn’t be as the same case as they are…
What can I do?


This is what happens when someone learns a new language as a teen or adult. It is not you or your voice. It is the habits your tongue and lips and mouth are used to with your native language.

I’m a native speaker of English. I cannot speak German or French or Hindi the way native speakers do. In fact, I must LIVE in a country or situation that speaks German or French or Hindi, and I must speak ONLY that language for maybe a year or even two or three years. Only then will I begin to sound like a native and lose my English language habits.

My Indian friend has been in the U.S. for over ten years but still has an accent. An accent is cool and sexy. It shows you are a person who has traveled.

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