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After 5 years together he broke up with me. He says it’s over, but I still want to try being together. There’s no one else, he just said that we have too many problems that we just can’t work out. I don’t feel that’s true, I think we can work at it. He says he still cares for me, but wants to be crazy in love, not just complacent. I know he still loves me. He was talking marriage right before the break up. We fight a lot and I’ve realized I made quite a few mistakes with him. He also acknowledges that he’s made mistakes, but just doesn’t think he can put in the effort to change those mistakes. What should I do? We live together and I am moving out to give him space. But should I stay hopeful?


For whatever reasons at this time, he doesn’t want to work with you, or this relationship. This is something you must accept, as he doesn’t feel as you do, and you will in time realize that, and heal.

I realize the hurt, and pain your in, and sorry I can’t give you the hope, or advice to ease that pain. The only thing I can offer is your not alone, as many of us have had to deal with the same feelings your having now.

Sorry for your loss, but it will get better.

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