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While Thor may be a God in the Marvel Universe, he has been defeated on several occasions, including by the likes of the Hulk (who he has also beaten in turn). Often, this is misportrayed as him not being one of the strongest superheros in the Marvel Universe (much less the strongest), but, as one may note from following his “career”, the sheer depth of his powers and abilities has allowed him to bring Galactus to his knees, as well as beat the Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill and Drax the Destroyer in one fight.

Thor rarely fights in any fashion he does not deem as “fair” or as meeting his opponents on a similar playing field – and he always does his best not to kill an opponent, thus, he rarely uses the vast array of his powers to devastating effect. For instance, with Mjolnir, he could teleport an enemy into a black hole, or (assuming he wanted to wreak worldwide damage) hit an enemy with the force he used to break a hole into the Celestial Exitar’s armor.

Judging whether Thor is capable of beating an opponent is generally pretty easy – other than cosmic level threats, the answer is generally, yes, he can. Judging whether Thor WILL beat an opponent is an entirely different scenario due to the limitations he imposes upon himself in order to either avoid killing the opponent or causing catastrophic damage to his surroundings.

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