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If I file as Dual Status for the last year of residency, how much Sales tax can I claim on Schedule A for the
Itemizing process (Schedule A, Field 5b “General Sales Tax”) ?
Can I claim the entire year, or a percentage that reflects the part that I lived in the US

Lived in WA-State.
Worked in USA January-August 2011.

According to the Instructions, I use the “Optional Sales Table” from the IRS homepage in the “Sales Tax Deduction Calculator”.

Tax Year 2011; Income Range 70000-80000; Exemptions: 1; “0” in Sales Tax for Specific Items.
Zip Code: 98023 “FEDERAL WAY, KING, WA”

State Tax: 6.50%
Local Tax: 3.00%

This results in:
Total General Sales Tax Deduction (rounded to the nearest dollar): $1,190
This is for the entire year.
If I include a move to a different (fake, because left the US) zip code on 09/01 (left the US end of August), I get:
Percentage of year at residence: 66.58%
State Tax $541.92
Local Tax $250.12
Total Tax: $792.04

Is that what I can claim on Schedule A ?


You must pro-rate the Sales Tax deduction to the number of days you were physicalluy located IN the United States.

However, let me re-emphasize: The dual-status return is NOT for amateurs! Get professional help, preferably from someone with experience filing dual-status returns.

If you want my professional help, double-click on my title above and scroll down to my profile/signature. You will find my email address and websites there.

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