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I am a member of a local mommys group online, we get together with our kids, do mom nights out without the kids, etc. I have met almost all of the ladies on this webiste message board in person, and I like all of them, and they seem to like me.

I babysit for one of them, and she was telling me to be careful because she was told by someone (she didn’t tell me who and I respect that) has told her that she should find a new babysitter because of something I said that made her worry.

Now. I admit, my parenting style may not be the same as everyone else’s. But I ALWAYS respect the parent I am babysitting for. I always use HER parenting style with her kids. And while difficult to use 3 different parenting skills at once (my daughter, my neighbor, and this lady) it has yet to cause me any trouble.

I’m hurt and confused, and most of all, curious to know what I said or did to make this person, whom ever she is, think that something was wrong with me…

I’m not sure how to deal with this 🙁 has anyone delt with this before? Any advise? I really don’t feel comfratable posting a public message about it, if I knew who it was I woud PM her about it. But I don’t know.


Jennie, you obviously love your daughter very much, it’s easy to see that you only have her best interests at heart.

She has been through a lot in her young life, and she has a lot more to deal with in the future, as do you.

My son has ADHD, parenting him is 10 times harder that parenting my daughter. Everything he does is a huge accomplishment because he has to work so hard to get it. You’ll find that out when Ayla is in school, lots of time spent on homework etc.

I just can’t imagine taking on extra children when your own child has so many issues. I also can’t imagine caring for other children but spending the majority of my time on the computer while they’re in another room playing unsupervised with a child that (by your own admission) has a lot of tantrums, outrageous behavior etc.

I realize you’ve already accepted payment from the parents you’re sitting for. So make the most of it. It’s summer, have some fun with the kids, go outside, set up a little kiddie pool, let them splash around, get your feet wet.

Maybe do a craft. No extra supplies necessary, just use things around the house. You’d be amazed how many things you can do with empty toilet paper rolls and empty milk jugs. Trust me, I have a whole shelf full of cute little projects the kids and I have done just using stuff we found around the house.

Play with them, enjoy them, spend time with them. The computer will still be there when the house is quiet and you have some time.

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