Join the Military as a Linguist or Intelligence ?


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I am very interested in being a linguist or Intelligence in the military (ideally Navy or Air Force). What can I expect? Will I be assigened more quickly than other jobs(less wait time after I enlist)? Key differences? Civilian jobs similar? Any special pay?

Any other related info would be much appreciated


When in high school, my youngest daughter researched the same subject. Her conclusion was that the Army had the best language program. She was sent to an immersion course in Russian and actually lived with a Russian family to polish her skills. She was already fluent in German (with a Bavarian accent) and went on to learn Serbian and Croatian.

Being a Navy veteran, I was a little disappointed that she joined the army but she did exactly the right thing and went on to Penn State to gain a degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Russian Literature.

I drew the line, however, when the CIA attempted to recruit her and promised to do everything I could to ruin her security clearance. I spent a little time with CIA operatives and was disgusted with the things that they did.

Military Intelligence is an honorable field worthy for you to pursue. While I don’t see an honorable field for civilian employment, it is a stepping stone for furthering your education especially if you are interested in international engineering and business.

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