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Hello, I have a wired Linksys router (BEFSR41 version 4.3) and after disabling my local area connection yesterday for about a second (I was testing something) my computer seemed to not be connecting to my router. If I just plug in my PC to my modem everything works fine. Although if I hook up and set up my router than the local area connection is always “low or limited”. The confusing thing is that my router is detecting my computer and the number of packets being sent and received in the local area connecting status would be the same as before when my computer is hooked up to my modem. What should I do?


Make sure your network card is enabled and set for DHCP. Power down the PC. Recycle the power on your cable modem. Power off your router and wait for the cable modem to start back up and make a connection. Then power your router back on. Wait a minute and power the PC back on.

This will help clean up the MAC address table in the router and reset the DHCP connection on your PC.

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