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OK so lately maybe the last… 8 or so weeks I’ve been under a lot of stress with all manner of different things and have had anxiety attacks and just cried myself to sleep due to depression and just all the stuff happeing around me.. I think I have coped relatively… badly lol.
I don’t have any problems with coping.. I’m just not the best at it.. when one little thing messes up no matter how insignificant.. I seem to think everything is crashing around me. I need constant reassurance that everything is fine, and I am just making things up in my head. Now I know, obviously this is not good and I should do something to rectify the situation… I can’t see a mental heath person.. OK ill say it, phycologist, because I don’t have the money. I really need some help.. and I was wondering if meditation, or a similar form of relaxation could help me at all? Any advice, referrals or just comment will help me
Thanks a lot


Yes, meditation could help if you have the discipline to do it regularly. There are all kinds of methods and techniques taught by all kinds of practitioners, but as far as I can tell, they mostly boil down to learning to how choose your thoughts. It may feel as if your “train of thought” is barreling along at breakneck speed with nobody at the controls and you being helplessly dragged along, but this is an illusion. You are actually at the controls at all times, it’s just that you may not remember where they are or how they work.

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  1. Elizabeth
    February 12, 2018 at 1:14 pm

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    The first step is to just observe the passage of the train without attempting to intervene. Simply watch your thoughts arise and disappear without judgment or control.

    After you are able to do this at will and with a certain degree of detachment, you can begin to exercise some choice about how long to continue with a particular subject or idea.

    After that, you can begin to notice how new thoughts arise and get some understanding of where they come from. Eventually, it becomes possible to stop the train altogether for a period.

    It’s in these intervals of “no thought” that real inner wisdom can rise to the surface. Try it and see how it goes. Keep in touch.

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