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My sister is always trying to start fights about something. So she just sent me an email telling me how greedy and selfish I am, because I sent a thank you card instead of calling when she sent me a box. Now, she asks me to be honest about the clothes that she buys me. SO I tell her that I didn’t care for the shirt and that everything was a size bigger than I told her I wore ((because she says I don’t look like a medium)).

Not to mention she yelled at me about never visiting, even though its been her turn to visit me for almost a year now. And she has been in Portland four times since then and couldn’t even make time for lunch with me. This all started because I was 100 miles from her house and didn’t come visit..

How do I make her realize that she is hurting my feelings and trying to make me look like the bad person here. How do I make it stop?


You really can’t make her “stop”. I’ll just waive my magic wand over the head and turn her into either a toad or a nice person. I can’t guarantee which she’ll be though.

Do you even have an idea just what brings out the “nasty” in your sister? Is this spite, jealousy or is she just a nasty critter all on her own?

I’ll trade you sisters, OK? Mine used to con either me or my mother out of money and then disappear for years on end. This last time was 12 years ago and haven’t heard from her since.

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