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I have had so many girl friends since young age and my mother has hated absolutely each one of them up to a point she would swear when talking about them. She would always give a reason and explain what is wrong with them. Also every time I visited my friends house and returned home she would be lying in bed in bad mood not speaking to anyone. If they would come over for a meal she would for the whole session stay in a bad mood and give me an angry look as if she had to do a lot of hard work. She suffers from depression and it has kind of upset the home atmosphere. She has even made taunting statement to my friend and they would kind of look slightly shocked. It has come to apoint that my friends either started to avoid me or realise that things are not normal in the house and make me look ‘abnormal’. Its not their fault. I have asked my mother so many times why she acts like this and again she will give a reason or two criticising them. Its very easy to pin point fault in someone as no one is perfect.
I need to know why she acts this way and how I can stop her. This has been going on for years and years.


Your mom is unhappy for whatever reason, and overly concerned about you, ( what parent isn’t?) and you must understand and accept that about her as she probably will never change. I would entertain my friends elsewhere, and just avoid the whole hassle her actions toward them causes.

How old are you, and where is your dad?

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