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Im in my 50’s. I am an independent ,mature adult who is well respected by all who know me. I decided a few years ago that my mothers lying, breaking promises, telling people my personal information that threatened my security and more things she did that I told her was detrimental to our getting along, would have to stop. She refused to change. I accepted that, but wanted a restraining order since she was not someone I wanted to be around. I had lost all tolerance and forgiveness for her and I don’t see that changing. The restraining order was denied since the judge determined that she wasn’t a threat to me. Since then she keeps trying to get in my life since I changed my phone number, moved, and have done the best I can so I don’t have to hear her or see her and be angry at her behavior. She has other adults who “work” for her to track me. I am aware of 3. She found out where I go for medical care and has pumped the doctor for info. She has called my work, and she writes to me at work also. I have a business and she has contacted a business associate and pumped her for info. I do not open her mail as it would just make me mad, and her word is NO GOOD anyway. And I don’t care about her in the least. I am moved emotionally to the point of hopelessness and a year ago I was feeling very very angry and so I have truly become a recluse as I don’t trust myself if she comes around. She is a stalker -plain and simple- even though this is not a physical relationship. What can I do? I am low income and can’t afford a lawyer? Everyday I am mentally disturbed by thoughts of this. I try to stay busy and get my mind off it, but it is very worrisome, and has affected all areas of my life.


Go back and try to get a restraining order this time.

If you tried right at the beginning, no judge will grant you one. You have to give her time to stop.

Now bring in proof she is contacting you and hiring people to find out.

Show the judge how she still is harassing you.

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