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I was working till 6th June 2008 in Florida and moved to NY. I’ll be staying in New Jersey but working in Manhattan. I have no clue what type of tax I’ll have to pay. Do I need to pay tax for NY and NJ both?? How can I update my Tax form with my employer so I can get more benefit?


Thanks for quick answers. Do I need to update my W4 each time I move to new State?? My office head quarter is in NY and If I’ll move to another state at client location which State tax will I be paying?? Is it something relates to my primary residence location OR primary office location??


Since you work in NY, you will pay NY State income tax on your earnings from your NY employer. Your employer should be withholding taxes for NY State from your paycheck. Since you are a NJ resident, you will file a part-year NJ resident tax return for 2008 to determine taxes owed from June 6 onward – on it you will claim a credit for taxes paid to other jurisdictions (namely NY), and since NJ’s tax rates are lower than NY’s, chances are you won’t owe NJ anything, unless you have income from other sources (dividends, capital gains, etc). As for updating your tax information with your employer – make sure that they have a current W4 on file for you. Not sure what you mean by “can I get more benefit”?

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