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My husband has asked for my help in composing a letter to his daughter who is 18 years old, we do not know were to start the last time we saw her was 6 years ago and only recently she has moved 5 minutes away with her gran and granda this is tearing us apart as we would love her to be part of our family but just don’t know how to start the letter. Please help!!


How about just being honest? Since she is only five minutes away, why not ask her over for a meal? Or to meet her someone for lunch? Got to break the ice somehow and breaking bread together is a good way to start.

Your husband can say in his letter than while he has not seen her in 6 years, he would love to get to know her better, as she allows. Respecting her right to privacy also. Keep the door open for her, but do not demand or hold expectations. He can make the first move, then it is up to her. I would say pray about this too – The Lord can open doors and hearts that man cannot.

Good luck to you both.

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