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I have two older computers running Windows 98 and they are networked together through dual Coax and Ethernet Network cards using the Coax option. I also have a new laptop running Windows Vista Business Edition this is linked to broadband via a Linksys WRT 300N Wireless Broadband Router. Can the three computers be networked together using the WRT 300N? If so do I have to dispense with the Coax and feed each Computer from it’s own port on the WRT 300N? Or can one of the Windows 98 computers take a feed from the WRT 300N and retain their Coax link?


I’ve used older cards like that and as long as you’re not trying to use the coax at the same time as the RJ45 you shouldn’t have a problem. If you have PCI slots in the motherboard on those computers it might be easier to get new NIC’s assuming that the new cards support 98. ISA cards with drivers might be harder to find although eBay may yield some results.

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