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It’s a serious family issue question that I’m dealing with and I can’t really talk to anybody because they will just blow it out of proportion.

Ok my step dad has practically raised me since I was 2. He is a good step dad and a better parent than my dad ever was. Its just that ever since I was a teenager I have noticed that my step dad has been acting non fatherish toward me. He asks for more hugs when I was a teenager and now. Also one time when I hugged him he did it too close and he got a boner. Now I don’t want to hug him at all unless my mother is there with him. When she is there he seems to act normal. But when he is with me he acts different. Always poking me and tickling me and calls me beautiful. Its getting uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do. I try to never be alone with him because he may do things that would make me think he’s a pervert which he is. I’m 20 yrs old and I’m getting tired of it. Any advice?


Sounds like he’s become attracted to his step daughter now that she’s grown into a young women. I would honestly talk to the guy and tell him enough is enough. Tell him you feel really uncomfortable when he does stuff like that and see what he says. In the end, if it’s something disturbing I would go to your mom.

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