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All right,

I’ve got a real good mate I’ve known for years. Now he is really open to me, tells me everything he wants etc, you know what I’m talking about, we laugh together like I can do with nobody else. Now the problem is, we want to go on a adventure trip. We’re only the two of us for now, but we’ll need to be with a little more people, just for safety. Problem now is, he’s now working, and he’s never known many “good” guys, and really no girls at all, cause of the school he went to. Well, he knows some guys, but I think they won’t be enough.
Now, I’ve got some other good mates around which I see occasionally. When they ask me to go for a party, I usually invite my best friend too, which they don’t mind. But when we all meet up, my best friend just goes kind of silent, which is normal I guess. He doesn’t really know them that good. I really want him to get to know the other guys, cause I think they’re awesome, but my best mate isn’t that much of a talker to “strangers”. Now I’ve told him at the last party we went to, like “Hey, you should talk to him, he’s awesome”, but then he goes like “Yeah later on”. He’s enjoying himself though! It’s about parties with music and all that you know, he’s just dancing around a little, I’ve seen him talk to one of me mates though, but that wasn’t for very long.
Well, perhaps it is just stupid typing this, it’s pretty normal I guess, I just want him to really become a part of them, and to talk to them as he does to me.
Now some of these good mates are like asking me again to go do something, but just me, I mean, it would be stupid like taking my best friend with me again. I just want them to really think my best friend is awesome, and he really is! I really don’t hope any of my friends ever reads this though.
I hope I explained well, just some advice could already help! Thanks!


I’m not sure what your question is.

You can’t make any do or be something they don’t want to do or be. Your friend is apparently comfortable with the way he “is.” You are comfortable with the way he “is.”

I’d say to not try to change him. If I were him I’d think your suggestions that I change were insulting –

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