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I’m trying to amend my NY State taxes because they are being rejected – for 2008 I worked in NJ through November then received unemployment from the end of November through December. I live in NJ.

I know IT-203 is the non-resident form to fill out – but why in the world is the tax form coming out to say I *still* owe NY state money?

The unemployment has federal taxes removed automatically – is the money owed possibly because no state taxes are removed – and my unemployment comes directly from NY state?

Nothing like kicking a person while they are already down…

Please help if you can.

Thanks so much.


You have to file NY’s non-resident tax form for 2008 since you worked in NY, and received unemployment from NY State. It sounds like no state income taxes were withheld from your unemployement, so yes, that may be a reason why you still owe NY money.

Don’t forget to take the credit on your NJ tax return for taxes paid to other jurisdictions, in this case meaning NY.

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