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My son’s Father lives with his parents for the past 3+ years. No real job or income since. I am wondering how this will affect our son(s). The Grandmother is the real “care-taker” when our child is there. The difference in the behavior that our child has here, at our house, and there at his Grandparent’s/Dad’s house is outrageously obvious. I think it is not too healthy of a situation… Too many rules from different people. Not to mention the fact that it is “Grandma and Grandpa.” One minute it is being spoiled, the next disipline. I am worried that our son will develop a type of thinking that “women are to do it all.” He is at many times very direspectful to me and I have noticed, to his Grandma also. Any insight will be HELPFUL!


All you can do is have talks with him about how life is suppose to be and keep being a rule model.
Don’t come right out and use words like dysfunctional or any negative words but explain to him how family relationships are meant to work.

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