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I have a big problem and don’t know how to solve it… I’ll try to be as short as possible… In August I moved out of my mother’s home that she lent me to live in with my 2 kids, one is 14 and the other is 2 in January, I myself am a single parent of 38,so we moved suburbs because my mother was too controlling and I couldn’t put up with her behaviour anymore,I’m now renting a flat and we are very happy here though my mum is still telling me what to do when she comes over and offered me to go to live in her house rent free so I don’t have to pay for anymore rent but am scared I’ll be like I was before I left and didn’t give her an answer yet but obviously my kid is saying if I accept it will be hell again, my mother is also telling me where to send my youngest to school and interfering in a lot of other things and also moves stuff like furniture around my flat, I don’t know what to do anymore I sometimes have tried not to talk to her for like a week but fall for her in the end as she is my mum , any suggestions?


Ok, she is already controlling if you were in her home, it would be her running everything.

I think you need to set down the rules for her to visit in YOUR home. Explain she will not be invited over or asked to leave if she starts trying to run your life.

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