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I previoulsy asked this question but didn’t provide the correct information.

Using Server 2003 the Local Computer Management Console on the server does not show Local Users and Groups.
It does not allow me to add the component via the snap in tool.
Is there another way to add this feature?


Is this server installed as a member of an Active Directory Domain? Is it a Domain Controller?

Local users and groups do not exist in a Domain Controller. They do in Domain Member Servers.

The only snap-in that is available for users and groups on a Domain Controller is Active Directory Users and Computers. If you have not already installed the Admin Tools Pack, you should do so. I would also suggest installing the Support Tools pack as well so that you can run RepAdmin and DCDiags. These and other helpful tools are part of the Support Tools are a required part of your tool kit if you are running more than one domain controller in an AD Forest.

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