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I have the same situation; desktop XP,laptop W7, printer wired to desktop. Have setup the files as shared as well as sharing status on the printer. When I go to network in W7, the two members show up but when I try to access the desktop from the laptop, W7 keeps responding Network Error Windows cannot access \DESKTOP. Error code is 0x80070035. Have found many,many threads out there referencing this situation, with about every answer imaginable. The majority point to the firewall [Norton NIS 2011] blocking a required port. Others say ports UDP 137-138,TCP 139,445 and UDP 5355 may need to be opened, which I have no idea how to check or remedy. Any help you can provide an old retired beginner would be appreciated. Really don’t want to save PDF files to a stick then load on the desktop for printing… thanks… Howard


What do you mean when you say you try to access the desktop? If you didn’t specify that the desktop folder (per user) is shared than it won’t be.

When you setup file shairng it only shares the public folders and media. Your desktop folder is not shared unless you specify for it to be shared.

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