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So, my sister got into a business about 2 months before me, well, I worked hard and I’m ready to be promoted, well, the way it works is if you build a team with 3 people then you ar qualified to get promoted, its been about 5 months since she’s been in the business and 3 for me, I already have my team, but shew ent and had the office manager to have one of my people switched under her, taking of my my people away and leaving me with one more to go, even though I already did what I had to do, so I went and talked to the vice president and she sait, who ever did the work gets the credit, so she said she would cahnge it, then I let my sister know because that was the right think to do rather then just letting her find out. So , she got mad, stopped giving me rides, and pretty much said that if iwas starving she wouldn’t help. All because of a promotion at work and that pretty sad when your own sister would say that, we are and I don’t know if will will be in a partnership after those comments, but, I need some advice on how to deal with this, they said that they did that because she was in the business first and wanted her to get promoted first. But the fules say if you do the work you get promoted. So its like if I let this go, she’s going to be promoted, I stay behind and I have to work much harder to get mor team mates. Any help will do.


I’m not following you because you said that they gave the promotion back to you and then you say she got the promotion.
If she got the promotion why is she mad at you? If she was given back the promotion and you want the job you may just have to go along and keep the peace. Work hard some more and then be eligible for the next promotion.
Did she have 4 people and you had 5?
Life isn’t fair and sometimes we have to do what we have to do.
They really shouldn’t be switching the rules but unless there is somebody above them to report it to then I don’t see you having much choice.

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