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My mom and my dad split when I was four. It has been many years but now my mom likes this other person. She’s always happy with him but I feel like she doesn’t have time for me anymore. It sounds a bit selfish because she deserves to be happy but I want to be happy to. I feel like Ive been trying to make her happy my whole life but now this other person is here and he instantly makes her happy

Am I being selfish?


Yes, you are kind of being selfish mandy. How old are you by the way?

Look at it this way, you could have paved the way with your hard work making her happy so that she could find happiness with another man. You probably did a good job so reap the rewards of seeing her beam by having someone else in her life. Your love has done this for her.

You can he happy because she is happy. There will eventually be a happy medium for all of you once you all become acquainted and everything works out well.

Be there for her and you and she will have the time again for each other. Everyone has to grow up too, you know, and you have to be mature to handle this new change.

You sound like a fine daughter 🙂


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