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Hello this is my first time here, I need some BIG help, I got virgin media around 3 month ago, and for the first week things where perfect, but after that it all went down hill, my 10mb internet [cable] has had tons of faults and troubles ever since then, firstly it was disconecting itself, then a month later they finally fixed it, and then few weeks later, [a month ago] I’ve had extremely slow speeds, like 1.mb a second. I called them I did everything I could to sort it out, finally it was sorted, but now the biggest problem I have is the HUGE!! High ping, I’m getting like 7000ms, most days, sometimes 3000ms, every time I run online speed tests.. the odd thing is is that, my speed is perfect I’m getting almost 10mb, but the ping is so high, witch is not allowing me to use the internet, because its lagging so much, and obvously I can’t play on any games at all, [mostly css], I’ve cleaned my PC, I’ve checked for spyware, I diskfraged, and nothing seems to work, I call virgin up every day and they tell me the same thing, [everything seems fine from our end we can’t do nothing sorry] and maybe there right, 1 of the guys on the phone did say, it could be my computer settings [but I’m not to tech with all that stuff] and anoher guy said [you may need a new ethernet card] because it seems to loose signal very quickly, anyway if you guys can help id be so happy, I’m really getting down over this, paying for something I’m not really using, [btw] when I reset the modem, everything is perfect, ping is around 40, speed is almost 10mb, but 5-6 minutes later everything ****s up again, Also somedays, the internet can be great and low ping for like 3 str8 hours, but then suddenly go back to its old ways, for days and days, so please help guys,

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