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Summary for “Deep And Dark And Dangerous”
A 13-year-old girl named Ali finds an old photograph in the attic of her house,she recognizes two of the three children as her Aunt Dulcie & her Mom,Claire. But she finds that a third girl has been torn out of the photo. Ali first asks her Mother,but she denies that there ever was a third child & insists that it was just herself & Dulcie. Ali figures she’ll have time to figure out who the girl is while she’s with her Aunt & younger cousin,Emma, at a small cottage in Maine,but,not long after they arrive,the girls meet Sissy. Sissy is a mean & spiteful 10-year-old girl who is a bad influence on Emma,but Ali believes that Sissy knows about an incident in which a girl named Teresa Abbot Drowned under mysterious circumstances in a lake by the cottage 30 years before on the last summer that Dulcie & Claire were there when they were children,and,strangest of all,Sissy keeps talking about that very incident. At first,Ali suspects that Sissy is trying to scare both her & Emma with a ghost story. However,she soon discovers the reason as to why Sissy is so angry.

(P.S This book is really good try reading it some time :3)

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