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After 5 years on F1 visa, I became a resident for tax purposes. I filed as a resident alien in 2010 & 2009. Had I stayed until August 2011, I think it would be clear that I file the 1040 for 2011, since I would have been present for more than 183 days out of 2011. However, since I was only in USA for about 150 days of 2011 in USA, am I no longer a resident for tax purposes (hence I would file 1040NR)? I’m not quite sure if I should apply the formula (2011 days) (2010 days dived by 3) (2009 days dived by 6) that I have seen quoted in some substantial presence tests.

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The Substantial Presence Test is NOT relevant here. What IS relevant is your residency termination date.

You CAN default to 31 December 2011 and file as a resident, but you must claim ALL world-wide income earned in 2011, and file Form 1116 to claim the Foreign Tax Creidt on income taxes paid on your home country income.

You also need to submit a Residency Termination Statement with your return or, if you file electronically, mail it separate by 30 June 2012 if you do NOT expect to return to the U.S. in 2012.

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