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I have graduated this May and started working with Optional Practical Training status from June. Can somebody please tell me what will be the tax I should be paying if my income for this year will be :

8800 as a part-time student worker on F1 status.
33000 as a full time worker on OPT status.

What will be my Fed tax percentage and state tax percentage?
Also what tax forms should I fill next year when filing taxes apart from 1040NR?

Thanks a lot



To answer accurately, I need to know:

– Your marital status.
– Your home country.
– When you FIRST arrived in the U.S.
– Whether you will remain in the U.S. beyond your OPT on a H-1 or H-1B visa.

Arizona’s marginal tax rate for a $42K salary is 3.36%.

The federal marginal tax rate is 15%.

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